Antonio Díaz premieres his show On Broadway and acquires the largest theater in Branson, Missouri, renaming it as the Branson Magic Theater.

El Mago Pop 2 millones de espectadores


In his season at the Apolo in Madrid, he achieved the emblematic figure of 2,000,000 viewers.

El Mago Pop 2 millones de espectadores


El Mago Pop becomes the artist in Spain that has sold the most tickets in 5 consecutive years.

El Mago Pop 2 millones de espectadores


El Mago Pop makes the leap to Netflix. His programs "La Gran Ilusión" and "Magic For Humans" are broadcast in 192 countries.

El Mago Pop en Netflix


Nada Es Imposible becomes the most watched show in the world.

Nada Es Imposible


The pre-sales for the "Nada Es Imposible" premiere at the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona exceeds the pre-sales record held by "El Rey Leon" in Madrid.

Nada Es Imposible Teatre Victoria


El Mago Pop acquires the Teatre Victòria of Barcelona.

El Mago Pop adquiere el Teatre Victòria


A plaque is awarded to El Mago Pop on the Gran Vía in Madrid as the highest grossing European illusionist in the world.

El Mago Pop 2 millones de espectadores


El Mago Pop returns to Madrid with his new show "Nada Es Imposible" at the Teatro Rialto.

Nada Es Imposible en el Teatro Rialto


The Show "La Gran Ilusión" says goodbye at the Starlite Festival after having been seen by more than 800,000 spectators in three years. It becomes the highest-grossing illusionism show in history in Europe after having passed through 54 Spanish cities, Mexico City, the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and achieving 3 consecutive weeks of sold out at the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona.

La Gran Ilusión Festival Starlite


In September 2015 and until April 2016, El Mago Pop was installed in the historic Teatro Calderón in Madrid, where he broke all box office records. So much so that the theater management names one of his boxes on behalf of the illusionist, for having been the first artist to exceed 130,000 spectators in the same season.

El Mago Pop teatro Calderon


"La Gran Ilusión" is extended up to four times throughout 2014 in Barcelona, selling out most of the performances. At the end of that year, it landed on Madrid's Gran Vía, where it sold out all the seats of the Teatro Rialto for 8 weeks.

La gran Ilusión


The TV show "El Mago Pop" premieres on DMAX. Broadcast reaches in over 150 countries.

El Mago Pop en DMAX


"La Gran Ilusión" is premiered, a show based on the movie “The Truman's show”. It becomes the most successful show in Barcelona for 12 consecutive weeks, surpassing the big musicals.

La Gran Ilusión


In 2009, Antonio Díaz starts-off his solo career and create the show "La Asombrosa Historia de Mr. Snow".

La Asombrosa Historia de Mr Snow


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