El Mago Pop reaches 2 MILLION viewers. VÍVELO!


Antonio Díaz, El Mago Pop has managed to leave the incredible figure of 2 MILLION SPECTATORS speechless!

Exceeding the emblematic figure adds to the endless list of achievements of the young illusionist, after having managed to be the most watched show in the world in 2020.


The magic and staging of El Mago Pop transports its audience to a unique experience. A montage where we are offered a fast-paced journey through the extraordinary, full of impact, amazement, fun, sensitivity, surprises, rhythm and emotion.

NADA ES IMPOSIBLE Broadway Edition
invites to connect with imagination, hope and perseverance, underlining the vital importance of enjoying dreams

A large format show comparable to the great Broadway musicals and the big shows in Las Vegas that is triumphing in the current limited season at the Teatro Apolo de Madrid.

Emotion and spectacle come together in each of the impressive illusions. It is inexplicable with words, you can only live and let yourself be carried away by magic and emotion

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