From a very young age, Antonio Díaz, El Mago Pop dreamed of having his own theater and bringing magic to every home. At the age of twelve, in the auditorium of his city, he premiered the show “The amazing story of Mister Snow”. Years later he was awarded the Premio Nacional de Magia, and achieved unprecedented success with his shows "La gran ilusión" and "Nada es imposible". Forbes magazine highlighted him in 2017 as "the highest-grossing European illusionist in the world".

Finally, on July 1, 2019, he was able to fulfill the dream he had since he was a child, and he acquired the Victoria Theater in Barcelona, one of the city's historic theaters in the middle of the Parallel.

This is the starting point of "El Mago Pop: la il·lusió del Paral·lel", by Lluís Escarmís. The documentary follows Antonio Díaz's commitment to premiere the show "Nothing is Impossible" with the aim of making the Victoria Theater a catalyst for placing Barcelona on the world theater map.

Three months later, on October 7, "Nothing is Impossible" was released and it was extraordinary. The pre-sale of tickets achieved another record in Spain, which surpassed that of "The Lion King".

"My big dream is not to be the best magician in the world, but to have the best magic show in the world, and that's why we work every day." Antonio Díaz, The Pop Magician.

The documentary features the participation of Antonio Díaz and his team at the new Victoria Theatre, such as the Mag Lari, as well as figures from the communication sector, such as Jordi Basté or Toni Clapés; representatives of the theater sector, such as Isabel Vidal, president of the Association of Theater Companies of Catalonia (ADETCA), or the mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colau. The opinion of neighborhood businessmen who highlight the economic and social injection that the arrival of Mago Pop at Paralelo has meant is also collected.