El Mago Pop


03.26.2050 | 02:46 pm

In November 2013, the program "El Mago Pop" premiered on Discovery Max, with which it scored a 4.8% audience share and managed to surprise more than 800,000 viewers. It was one of the most watched stations in the channel's history.

In this first season he managed to impress personalities such as Ferran Adrià, Eduard Punset, Ruth Lorenzo, the Love of Lesbian band, Alejo Sauras, and Nick Mason, drummer of the legendary Pink Floyd band, among many others with his sleight of hand.

Due to the success of the first, a second season was released in May 2014. In this second installment, following the theory of the six degrees of separation, he managed to surprise the physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking was so impressed that his words were: "I can't understand how he can do what he does."

The two installments were broadcast in 148 countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Italy, Argentina, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France...

In mid-2014 it was presented at the UP-FRONT in New York, where it became one of the first Discovery Europe productions broadcast in the United States.

02:46 pm