Magic for humans



In this new installment on Netflix, El Mago Pop takes to the streets of Barcelona to surprise people of all ages with magic tricks that immediately cause amazement and fascination.

During six chapters, the illusionist will deal with topics such as hobbies, time, love, and terror, but with an unusual touch, and that we are not used to seeing.

El Mago Pop gives a touch to what we believed and ends up drawing a smile on people's faces.

You will be able to see how the sushi comes to life, teleports two people in the middle of the street, the Oreo cookie cream fills itself, some laces tie themselves, and a collector's dream car appears, among many other illusions and surprises.

After each surprise, you'll want to go back 10 seconds and another 10 seconds to figure out the trick, and the 25 minutes of each chapter will cut short.